6 Ways to Keep Heart Healthy and Strong

keep heart healthy and strong
A True Friend – Healthy Heart

We all have a little friend beating in our chest that is known as a healthy heart, it’s one of the most important organs in our body with the help of our circulatory system it pumps blood in every corner of our body there is, not only our heart makes sure every single tissue in our body gets the oxygen and nutrients it requires to stay active and function properly but also removes all waste carbon dioxide that is of no use for the tissues. In short being the symbol of love itself our heart simply loves us, but the question is do we love it back?

What Our Heart Gets In Return

Our heart works day and night to keep us healthy and alive but in return we eat all sorts for unhealthy  foods and are so into our unhealthy habits that we kind of ignore the fact that we are killing and destroying our heart slowly and surely.

How to Keep Heart Healthy and Strong

It’s time we start taking care of our heart for a better healthier life that we and our heart deserves and  the good news is caring for your heart is not a difficult job it only requires some commitment and it’s worth the effort. By only making some changes to your lifestyle you can easily achieve your goal of having a healthy heart and to keep heart healthy and strong.

Cholesterol – Control

Controlling cholesterol is one of the most important ways in ensuring good health for your heart, in order to control cholesterol you must do the following:

Eat Healthy Omega 3 Rich Foods

Foods rich in omega 3 such as Cod Liver Oil, Salmon, Sardines, Chia Seeds, walnuts and flax seed just to name a few are very important in preventing heart diseases and managing a healthy heath. Consider including some healthy snacks in your diet as well.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is one of the most common advice people get about almost any problem its because proper hydration is very important in almost every health related problem it not only good for our brain but also essential for a healthy heart.

Quit Smoking

Almost around 15000 to 16000 people die due to smoking every year. Your life expectancy is almost 10 to 15 years less than a person who don’t smoke and smoking is one of the leading cause of cancer specially lung cancer.

Smoking can also increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and other major heart related illnesses such as coronary heart disease.

 Weight loss

Getting rid of all that extra pounds can definitely help in achieving your goal of a healthy heart. Obesity increases the pressure on your heart because your heart must pump more and more blood in order to make sure every tissue in the body receives the oxygenated blood it requires to function properly thus greatly increase the pressure on the heart itself and being more prone to heart related problems such as stroke.

Heart Health Exercises

Even though it’s not easy to adapt to a healthy lifestyle but it’s definitely very beneficial for your body and your overall health than you know it. So today let’s make a promise with our hearts that from now on we will change whatever we must and try our best to help our hearts to perform as efficiently as it should by quitting all unhealthy habits for our little friend to keep heart healthy and strong.

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