Bed Bugs Signs and Bed Bugs Treatment

bed bugs
What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

Have you ever seen tiny tick like creatures crawling on your bed? Well! Congratulations you have a parasite known as bedbugs in your house. Bed bugs are small oval shaped crawlers without wings and are almost 6 to 9mm in size brownish in color until unless after a meal it’s almost dark red to purple in color and are most active during the night.

Bed Bug Welts

Bedbugs bite on a sleeping victim and most of the times after the host is bitten by a bed bug it develops itchy welts probably within seconds or minutes at the area of the bite. Most bed bug bites will heal itself within a few days.

How Do You Check For Bed Bugs

To check for bedbugs look for itchy bite marks on every member of the family. Especially the parts that are exposed during sleep times.

Are you of a family member having uncomfortable sleepless nights due to frequent itching?

A place infected with bedbugs stinks, that’s one of the easily recognizable signs of bed bug infestation.

Check closets and beds bedbug’s favorite places to hide are clothes and bed folding. bed bug eggs on mattress can also be visible with a magnifying glass.

Baby Bed Bugs or Bed Bug Larvae

Baby bedbugs are very tiny and are very light brown of white in color. Baby bed bugs turn red after feeding. Baby bedbugs will start to look for a human, birds or any living source of blood almost the moment they are born and baby bed bugs can live up to 90 to 120 days without feeding. Baby bed bugs will turn into an adult in 4 weeks after hatching.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You

As of now there are no such incident recorded showing that bedbugs can kill a human being because although bed bug bites can cause severe itching and burning but it doesn’t transmit any disease but still there are very little that we know of bedbugs.

Common Places Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs bite on any soft exposed area on its host’s body while the hosts are sleeping and are unaware of the bedbug’s presence.  On humans most bites occurs on arms, neck, hands and face although a bed bug will not hesitate to bite other parts in it gets into the clothes of its human prey.

How Long For Bed Bugs to Infest

Bugs multiply slowly as an adult female bed bug laying 1 egg daily and every bed bug egg takes more than 8 days to hatch but once a bed bug is spotted it’s better to get rid of it immediately since bed bugs are very good at hiding if one is spotted there probably be more.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Use pest control spray to get rid of bed bugs every corner of the house must be sprayed in order to completely kill each and every bed bug present in the house especially the furniture, carpets, closets and beds.

Bed Bug Spray

There are many bed bugs killer sprays out there if you wish to do it yourself . For more bed bug control options Click Here

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