Lice Treatment at Home | Getting Rid of Lice

To understand lice and head lice treatment we must first know what are head lice? also known as pediculosis capitis, are found worldwide head lice isn’t known to spread diseases, head louse or head lice are unable to fly and are mostly found crawling on the hairs of its human host, it lives near the scalp and by feeding on the blood of the infected victim many times during 24 hours. Head lice spreads by crawling on one person’s head to another

Head Lice Life Stages:

There are the following three life stages of head lice

Lice Nits ( lice egg )

Nits are oval in shape,seems like dandruff and are very hard too see and recognize due to its tiny size and lays deep at the hair shafts. Nits hatches in almost a week and are of yellowish white colors.

Lice Nymphs

Nymphs comes out when the nits hatches, Nymphs looks almost the same as adult head lice and sticks to the hair shafts just like adult lice it is very quick and hides as much as possible making it very hard to catch.

Adult Lice

Its lives for almost a month an adult lice is dark in color almost gray with 6 legs and females are a little larger than males. Living on the head of its human host head lice feeds many times in a day and are unable to survive of a day or two with out feeding on the blood of its host.

head lice

Getting Rid of Lice | Lice Treatment at Home

In order to get rid of lice wash thoroughly all items used by the infected such as combs and towels etc. with hot water don’t forget to clean floors and furniture where the lice or nits might have fallen. Or lock the item away from any possible host. Do all the above to avoid severe lice infestation. Some of the most effective live treatment options are listed below:

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Lice Combs

Lice combs and electric lice combs are some of the most effective methods to remove head lice from the head of the infected. It removes the nymphs and the lice from the hair but are unable to budge the lice eggs. There are other treatment options available as well such as lice lotion and lice shampoo which are found to be effective but exposes the hair with chemicals which can sometime have side effects.

Lice Shampoo

lice shampoo are mostly safe for kids but might require prescription is another effective way to eliminate lice and other types of parasitic mites from the hair. Lice shampoos can sometime cause minor side effects such as irritation, redness of the skin where lice shampoo was applied, mild to moderate itching and other. Similar side effects. Please consult for doctor or pharmacist if you experience any of the mentioned side effects.

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