Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

healthy snack ideas for weight lossAs you walk on the street you will see people that are physically fit and people that are not so fit and are fat.  Let’s talk about what is fat? Fat is an important part of a healthy diet, but sadly with all those not so healthy snacks around most people consume too much or the wrong kinds of fat in their diet and end up being fat and overweight.

The Good News

But the good news is all that unnecessary fat can go away by making some simple lifestyle changes, such as exercising daily, sleeping better and eat a healthy well balanced diet.

That brings us to replacing all those unhealthy snacks with some healthy snack ideas for weight loss that will not only help up lose weight but are extremely tasty as well.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

Following are some healthy snack ideas for weight loss that must be included in an effective weight loss diet plan for a healthy lifestyle:

    • Broccoli

      Broccoli is a vegetable from the cabbage family. Not only is it rich in many nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K broccoli is high in fiber and helps you lose weight 100g for broccoli contains only 34 calories and 2.6g dietary fiber.

    • Cheese

      when taken as a healthy snack low fat cheese such as ricotta cheese, cottage cheese and goat’s cheese can aid in weight loss. Cheese is high in protein, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients and definitely deserves a spot on a healthy diet menu. A 100g of cheese contains 402 calories 105mg of cholesterol, 621mg of sodium and a huge 25g of protein.

    • Almond

      Along with other nutrients almonds are rich in protein, copper, magnesium, vitamin E and healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Not only almonds lower blood sugar level but it also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and can promote weight loss by lowering hunger.
      100g of almonds contains 576 calories 21g protein and 12g dietary fiber.

    • Oatmeal – Porridge

      Cereals are nutrients rich food that are filled with essential minerals, vitamins combined with the benefits of healthy grains. Porridge is considered one of the healthiest foods out there today it can lower cholesterol levels and is a must for a healthy diet. There are only 68 calories in 100g of oatmeal with 61mg potassium, 49mg sodium, 2.4g protein and 1.7g dietary fiber.

    • Tomato Soup

      Tomato soup is not only delicious but also a very beneficial healthy snack it can improve your over all cardiovascular health, makes bones stronger, boosts immune system and can definitely aid in weight loss. 100g of tomato soup contains 30 calories, 0.6 dietary fiber, 7g carbohydrate, 0.8g protein and is rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C.

    • Blue berries

      Blue berry is one of the tastiest healthy snacks and is rich in various nutrients and antioxidants. Not only blue berries are low in calories, lowers blood pressure and aid in a healthy digestive system but also considered the king of antioxidant foods. 100g of blue berries contains 57 calories, 10g sugar, 14g carbohydrate, 0.7g protein and 2.4g dietary fiber.

  • Boiled egg

    if you’re looking for good quality easy to find protein than eggs are your answer. Eggs are rich in protein and vitamin B2, most of the protein is in the egg white. Eggs can play an important role when you’re looking to lose weight and can be considered a healthy snack. 100g of an egg contains 155 calories, 1.1 carbohydrate, 1.1g sugar, and 13g protein.

  • Yogurt

    Yogurt is a great combination of many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin b12, calcium and protein. It is very good for bone health and can play an important role in preventing various health problems. Yogurt when combined with a low calorie diet can result in an increase in weight loss. 100g of yogurt contains 59 calories, 3.6 carbohydrate, 3.2g sugar, and 10g protein.

These were just some of the healthy snack ideas for weight loss. If you wish to buy healthy snacks online please read on.

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Benefits of Healthy Snacking

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