Heart Quiz

Take this quick heart quiz and test your knowledge about your heart

Parasite Practice Questions:



#1. There are ________ chambers of the heart.

#2. _______________ is the movement of the blood through the heart and then to the body.

#3. There are different systems in the body; the heart belongs to which system of the body.

#4. The system that works with the heart to bring oxygen in the body is

#5. The circulatory system consists of ___________ , __________ , _________& _________.

#6. Which of the following terms best describes the heart:

#7. The sound of the heart is actually the sound made by the:

#8. The heart pumping blood provides the body with which of the following things:

#9. The upper chambers of the heart are called the ventricles

#10. The wall separating the right side of the heart with the left side is called ___________.


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