Horsehair Nematomorpha Human Diagnosis

horsehair nematomorpha human diagnosis

Since we are talking about Horsehair Nematomorpha Human Diagnosis we must know if or when this infection can happen to humans and as we all already know how dangerous nematomorpha which is commonly known as a horsehair worm, Gordian worm or Snakeworm can be for its hosts.

Although they do and can infect human host but mainly horsehair nematomorpha are harmless to vertebrates (69,963 species) and since humans are vertebrate a horsehair nematomorpha worm can cause mush damage even after the infection happens.

Fact: Horsehair worms can only paralyze insects (Invertebrates) with a long lifespan.

Some of the Species a Horsehair Worm cant Paralyze are:




Common Pets

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In most human infection cases only a mild abdominal discomfort occurs and the horsehair worm infection never fully happens.

However! there is a detailed study done on two human cases infected by horsehair nematomorpha worm. For more details regarding this Click Here.

Now lets talk about horsehair nematomorpha human diagnosis if the parasite manages to enter a human body. Well as we’ve already stated the horsehair worm infection doesn’t occur.  

Human horsehair nematomorpha symptoms are only a small stomach discomfort and after that the body’s immune system will easily take care of the intruder itself.

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