Kissing Bug – What is Chaga Disease

kissing bug

Kissing Bugs

Kissing bug is called a kissing bug because it bites on the face of its host and there are many names given to the kissing bug but the most commonly used ones are vampire bugs and conenose bugs. It’s a member of the Triatominae family which is a sub-family  Reduviidae. A kissing bug is mostly found in the region of Americas just some of the species of the kissing bug are found in Australia, Asia, and Africa, It feeds on the blood of all species of animals within the subphylum Vertebrata and are responsible for the Chagas disease / American trypanosomiasis.

Chagas Disease – American trypanosomiasis

Trypanosoma cruzi is the parasite responsible for the Chaga disease, what it does is it bore within the tissues of its host in order to suck on its blood. The Trypanosoma cruzi is spread mostly to humans and other hosts via the bite of a kissing bug but it can also spread through the contaminated blood transfusion, organ transplant and consuming food which contains the parasitic bug.

Chagas Disease Symptoms

There are various common symptoms of the chaga disease and it can be hard to tell the symptoms with many other diseases. Some people might experience some mild symptoms at first and the symptoms might disappear later for even years. Some of the symptoms are listed below:



Some Enlarged Glands


Loss of Appetite

Swelling or sore on the site of the bite

Some of the advanced phase symptoms are:

  1. Heart failure
  2. Abnormal heartbeat
  3. Difficulty passing stool
  4.  Eating becomes hard

Chaga Disease Treatment

The good news is this disease can be cured completely when treated on time. The medicines considered very effective in the treatment of the disease are benznidazole and also nifurtimox in late stages of the disease come other medicines and surgical procedures might be required in order to cure the Chaga disease.