How to Make Yourself Sleep Faster – GUARANTEED

Sleep Better and Faster at NightProven Tricks on How to Make Yourself Sleep Faster at Night

When our nervous system is on hold,  our eye’s are closed tight, when all the muscles in our body is relaxed and our consciousness is not present but our brain is active and telling us stories some we might like other s not so much. Whether we like it or not we all must sleep.

Sleeping is natural and it happens to almost all living organisms and let’s faces it sleeping is good for us. It plays a very important role keeping is physically and mentally fit by repairing and healing us from the inside.

Reasons to Sleep Better and Faster

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for us not only it keeps us fresh and athletic during the day but sleep also plays a vital role in keeping us physically healthy, improving our productivity and concentration.

More Reasons to Sleep Better and Faster

Less than 7:30 hours sleep can result in a higher risk of stroke and various heart diseases, not enough sleep can also result in abnormal blood sugar levels which can also be referred to as prediabetes. Sleep disorder or insomnia  can also cause severe depression and can have a really bad effect on our immune system.

Ways to Get to Sleep

Following are some tricks to fall asleep fast in no time:

Take a warm bath 

before going to bed it will help you relax and relaxation will lead to a better good night’s sleep. Use a bath salt treatment to  revitalize tired muscles.

Benefits of Hot Bath Before Bed

Warm bath will reduce anxiety as many people know that while showering we all come up with different creative solutions to our problems. So take a warm bath, relax and think about all the problems and challenges while you bath instead of taking those problems with you in bed.

A warm bath will clean your face and body completely as it will open the pores so you can get rid of all the dirt you’re carrying. Just make sure to close the pores afterwards by rinsing with a little cooler water and a warm bath will clean all and any impurities that a cold water bath probably won’t.

Use a Comfortable Pillow

It will help relax your neck and why wouldn’t you. Instead of your ordinary pillow use a sleep restoration gel pillow.

Reduce Lights

Don’t use your phone when in bed, turn off all sorts of lights it’s better to wear a natural silk sleep mask to avoid all and any sort of light.

Try Not to Nap

For more than 30 minutes a day if you have to, it’s better to not take a nap at all call a friend, walk a little to avoid napping during the day.

Stop Looking at Your Cock

Again and again when you’re in bed this can keep you awake for longer.

Eat Less and Eat Healthy

Don’t overload yourself at dinner and eat at least an hour before bed time.

4 7 8 Breathing Technique or Diaphragmatic Breathing

The 4 7 8 Breathing Technique is a very simple technique to help you sleep through relaxation, oxygenating the lungs, calming the brain and the body. It is a very well known method; it’s been quite famous and very powerful natural technique to signal our brain to sleep. Introduced by Dr Andrew Weil who is a Harvard trained.

Following are the steps to perform the 4 7 8 breathing technique:

  • Your tongue must touch the upper part of your mouth (half tip of your tongue must be touching the flesh and half must be touching the two top front of your teeth)
  • First off from your mouth exhale thoroughly.
  • Inhale completely with your nose while you count to 4 in your mind.
  • You must hold your breath for a count of 7.
  • Now exhale with your mouth and count to 8 while you do.
  • You must keep on doing this at least 4 to 5 times more in order to complete this relaxing method.

Not only this 4 7 8 breathing method helps to relax, improves health it also helps to relieve stress. The 4-7-8 technique is a gem in causing the whole mind and complete body to relax.

Overactive Mind at Night Sleep

Well an overactive mind at night sleep is a problem many experience while trying to sleep especially people with insomnia knows what an overactive mind at night sleep is. An overactive mind at night sleep is when it time for our bodies and brain to rest our brain becomes a hyperactive brain and starts to think what not while we wish and struggle to sleep. Well! The good news is there are ways to calm your hyperactive brain by fighting your overactive mind at night sleep and go back to sleep.

Stress Management

Stress and anxiety can be two major causes for your overactive mind at night sleep time so make sure to eliminate stress at least half an hour before bed time in order to calm your hyperactive brain down. Whatever the reason for your stress it is better to forget it and let it go for a while, especially at bed times and come back to it later in the morning. Make time in the day to think about all your stress factors so you can relax and sleep later in the night.

Shut Yourself Down

Simply shut yourself down half an hour before bed time by turning off all electronic devices such as TV, cell phone, computer etc instead read a relaxing book, take a warm bath or just lay down and relax yourself before going to sleep.


Sleeping is a natural process and is definitely good for us, we should try our best to have enough sleep so we can be our best self during the day and make better lifestyle choices that will help us improve overall health and help us to lead a happy healthy life that we deserve. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to go to sleep.

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